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WY Premiere: Listen to the Buttertones And stream their album Gravedigging

what youth recommends the buttertones gravedigging

The Buttertones are one of those rare bands that sound almost exactly like their name. They’re smooth, buttery if you will, and, thanks to some heavy influence from old doo-wop groups, have more style and flavor than most bands cruising the garage psych wave these days. Their new album, Gravedigging, drops March 31st on Innovative Leisure, and we’re premiering the whole thing right here in an exclusive first listen stream. So press play, and read our interview with the band below. –Maya Eslami 

WHAT YOUTH: You guys have all contributed to other bands over the years. When did you guys decide to come together and really do The Buttertones? 

THE BUTTERTONES: Sean was really the only one who was in another serious band [Cherry Glazerr], the rest of us just loved playing live music for the fun of it. We have always wanted to “really do” The Buttertones since its conception.

I know you guys like to perform wearing matching suits. Any inspiration behind that? 

Like to look sharp like our musical idols, Miles Davis, Elvis Presley, Etc.

Tell me about Gravedigging. Where did you guys record? And who produced? 

We recorded at Jazz Cats in Long Beach and Johnny Bell from Crystal Antlers did a damn good job producing the album.

How was the recording process different from what you guys had done before? 

We did a lot of pre-production on this album which we had never done before. We recorded demos months before the first day of recording, and made changes to the music, cut songs, added songs etc.

What, if anything, has changed in your sound along the years? 

Our growth as musicians, we are tighter, brighter, and open to more complex ideas and it shows in our music.

When did Innovate come into the picture? And why’d you guys decide to go with them as your label? 

A few of them started coming out to our gigs in the fall of 2015. We all got along really well and they give us full reigns on our creative control, there was no question about it that they were the label we would sign with.

I see you guys are inspired by Ennio Morricone. What’s your favorite soundtrack of his? 

Once upon a time in the West

If you guys could go back in time and do the soundtrack to any movie, what would it be? 

The Man with The Golden Arm

What’s next for The Buttertones? 

Tour, Record, Repeat.

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