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Listen to CFM’s New Single And go to their record release show tonight

what youth recommends cfm rise and fall

CFM, the creation of Charles Francis Moothart II, runs on pure momentum and full blown rock ‘n’ roll. In the two years that they’ve existed as a band, Moothart’s solo separation from Fuzz and other Ty Segall collaborations has released two albums. That’s a pretty quick turnaround considering all their other commitments. Their latest, Dichotomy Desaturated, dropped just last week on In The Red, and while the vibe still screams something familiar to my Fuzz obsessed ears, its swirling collection of songs brings new light to Moothart’s capabilities as a musician. Exhibit A, new single “Voyeurs”, where Moothart’s soft vocals overlay a Sabbath/Kinks type soundscape. 

“As a songwriter, I’m still getting comfortable with singing and trying to wrap my head around writing a vocal melody. My initial reaction to everything is, ‘How do I make the music more exciting?’ With this song, there’s more of an effort to let a song have the space it’s supposed to have and see how far that carries it. The riff sits in the pocket, instead of exploding out right into your face.” 

CFM’s record release show for Dichotomy Desaturated is tonight at the Hi Hat in Highland Park. So listen up, and if you’re not already going to the Paranoyds show, this is the place to be. –Maya Eslami 

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