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Homeshake at the Echoplex In case you were wondering what “sexy” sounded like

Crammed up against eager 16-year-olds and horny couples, luminescent disco balls set the mood on a very chill Tuesday night at the Echoplex. We were all there to see Homeshake, the solo R&B indie pop act of musician Peter Sagar.

You probably recognize the Canadian native as the former guitarist of Mac DeMarco’s live band. While he carried over a great deal of Mac fans since his departure, his fingers that once shred dreamy guitar now delicately press over smooth, soulful keys while his high-pitched vocals hit all the right spots.

The relaxed R&B pop sounds translated from his lo-fi recordings to a full live band in a way that sounded clean and loud, for music that is seemingly quiet and chill. While there is a risk factor of chill and quiet music being “boring” live, Homeshake has a formula of keeping his audience and dedicated fans grooving all the way through the set and begging for more after.

Homeshake’s latest album, Fresh Air, offers more of a clean studio sound while managing to retain his home-recorded lo-fi vibe for authenticity. I dare you to put on this record without involuntarily feeling your body groove, just a little. –Asal Shahindoust

Photos by Nicki Contreras 

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