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Watch Beach Fossils’ New Video For “Down The Line” off upcoming album

Beach Fossils dropped a new video today for “Down The Line”, their latest single off upcoming album Somersault. Directed by lead singer Dustin Payseur, the video presents a glimpse of New York City after hours as the band members wander through McGolrick Park, the Williamsburg Bridge, and the JMZ line, almost like an homage to their beloved town. Turns out Somersault, their third full length, also mirrors a similar sentiment, capturing the bands’ personal experiences and growth within the city that never sleeps. Plus, “Down The Line”, with Payseur’s soothing reflective lyrics and the song’s subtle shoe gazey energy, is the perfect way to get you through Monday. So watch the video, and keep an eye out for their album – out June 2nd on Bayonet Records. –Maya Eslami

Photo by: Rebekah Campbell

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