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Watch the trailer for Snapt 3 I hope it comes out on VHS!

I’m getting nostalgic. This is how ’90s surf art looked: a blown out Black Sabbath song, crazy surfing, lots of big waves, step offs, airs a long laundry list of legendary characters, no frills, just surfing. For better or worse. God love it. If nothing else, consider us in for the sacred fact that it’s an indie, non-team movie, which we’re always down for. Pretty big list of names, including a bizarre cameo by Simon Rex. Ok dudes, what’s next? We’re ready!

Starring: Bruce Irons, Mason Ho, Jack Robinson, Bobby Martinez, Asher Pacey, Josh Kerr, Ian Crane, Dustin Barca, Seth Moniz, Zeke Lau, Josh Moniz, Parker Coffin, Midget Magic, Cheeseburger, Kyle Garson, and Simon Rex aka Salmon Boy.

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