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WY Premiere: Billy Changer Listen to new song “She’s Good To Go” 

Billy Changer, the post-punk synth centric creation of Robert Cifuentes, has consistently impressed me ever since they debuted in 2014 with their home recorded S/T album released on Lolipop and Burger Records. All the while, Cifuentes was busy tied up in Corners, his band with Tracy Bryant.

“After Corners disbanded,” he told me, “I felt like I lost myself and had no vision of what Billy Changer was going to do artistically. Then I met music producer and composer Mike Andres (Metric, Donnie Darko, etc), and we instantly hit it off.” The two musicians recorded 14 songs in two weeks, and Billy Changer’s vision suddenly burst through with technicolor clarity. Today, we’re more than stoked to premiere their new single, “She’s Good To Go”, a song that hits true to the Billy Changer appeal, with a bit of a Ramones vibe in the vocals and lyrics. So listen up below.

Billy Changer, Jacquie Ray

“‘She’s Good To Go’ was written about a scenester girl that loved hanging around late at Lolipop Studios, where we rehearsed and recorded. Mike Andrews rearranged some parts and he performed the song live with us. We were all shredding so hard on our guitars on the first take, I don’t think we got another one in.”

Billy Changer currently consists of Cifuentes, Jimmy Ramirez “my Guatemalan brother from another mother,” and Wyatt Blair. “Power Trio and rock fucking solid.” Just how we like it. —Maya Eslami 

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