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Listen to Broken Social Scene Their new single “Hug of Thunder” will take you back a decade

what youth recommends broken social scene
Photo: Broken Social Scene

I awoke into my high school daydreams this morning as I hungrily listened to Broken Social Scene’s new single that dropped today. This is the second release off their upcoming album, which will be their first in seven years.

This particular track, “Hug Of Thunder,” features vocals by BSS veteran Feist. Her airy coo’s will pull you right back to 2007 and all those nostalgic feelings of optimism and angst. Feist has been working on the new album with Kevin Drew and the rest of the band for the last year. The album will drop sometime before the fall, according to Drew.

Until then, I recommend you listen to their latest track with eyes closed as the melody sweetly kisses every inch of your ear drum. —Asal Shahindoust

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