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Wanna do Whatever you want? Like, professionally? Volcom wants to make that happen for you

What would your life look like if you could do what you wanted with your time? And if didn’t have to worry about that damn thing called money. Or worry about a day job.

Well, Volcom realized that there are probably plenty of unheard and talented individuals who don’t get the credit they deserve. Shapers, artists, skaters, surfers, musicians and wanderers who have to put what they love aside because they work in a cubicle to pay bills.

Volcom is launching their new project “This First” seeking out 15 inspiring applicants so they can give them the chance to get paid for their passion.

To enter:

Ask yourself: “What do you want to put first in your life?” and upload a video or photo submission to Facebook, Instagram under the #THISFIRST or here.  No job application or resume required. You only have to talk about your THIS. The winners will get to work with Volcom for 6 weeks to get their work appreciated and you’ll get a paycheck along with it. Any chance to go get creative we’ll back, so don’t disappoint and tell em What Youth sent ya. 

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