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WY Premiere: Trementina Dreamy shoegaze from Chile

Trementina, a lo-fi shoegaze band from Valdivia, Chile, ​​create music for lucid dreaming. Or so their bio states. But I’m backing it, all the way. Fronted by Vanessa Cea on vocals, Cristobal Ortiz on guitar and Lucas Martinic on bass, Trementina – which translates to turpentine – reveals a sound intent on slipping beyond the realms of salty DIY rock into a more gorgeous, mature vibration. Their new album, 810, released by Burger Records back in March, pulls all sorts of familiar influences, from My Bloody Valentine to Brian Eno and Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins. And their new video for single “Out of the Lights”, with its trippy Ray Manzarek carnival style, hits all those notes. So press play, and take a dip in their dreamland. –Maya Eslami 

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