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WY Premiere: Triathalon Watch their new video for “Come Thru”

Triathalon, a Savannah-based indie band itching to ditch genre specifications, have reemerged with their latest EP Cold Shower as a full-fledged R&B dream-pop sensation. And their new video for single “Come Thru”, off the four track EP, is seductive, sultry, and sweat-inducing, just the way we like our Southern spreads. Lead by singer Adam Intrator, whose whispered vocals will pull you in immediately, Triathalon resemble what R. Kelly and Jesus and Mary Chain would sound like if they had a baby. It’s truly rare to have a band completely jump ship to another genre and pull it off, but Triathalon lands the jump with ease and flair. So watch their video, listen to the EP, and play with some rhythm and blues today if you know what’s good for you. –Maya Eslami 

what youth recommends triathalon

Photo Credit: Kelia Anne

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