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Snapt 3 is Coming soon Behind the scenes in Indo with Mason Ho, Bruce Irons, Asher Pacey, Ian Crane, Betet and more

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We’re in the armpit of Indonesia waiting to board a Wings Air flight back to Bali. Logan Dulien, better known as Chucky, is paying for everyone’s excess baggage fees. Betet is helping him negotiate a better price but the man behind the counter isn’t having it.

This is the last trip for his new movie Snapt 3, and “Chucky” managed to lasso some of surfing’s greatest faces together for it. Bruce Irons, Mason Ho, Koby Abberton, Asher Pacey, Dylan, Ian Crane and Betet all spent a week in Sumbawa trying not to crash motorbikes and split peaks with each other.

Snapt 2 came out in 2005 and starred Andy and Bruce Irons, Taj, Asher and more. It was one of the last of the genre really. A good flick that make you wanna surf. A throwback, but one gone too soon. Which is why we’re glad he’s back.

As we wait for our delayed flight, I asked “Chucky” about the new movie.

WHAT YOUTH: What’s the theory for this movie?

LOGAN DULIEN: A lot of time when guys are getting clips, the first question you hear is, “What camera is it on?” instead of “what surfer is it?” I’m really inspired by Herbie Fletcher and his movies, and I remember him saying “As long as they get the clip.” That’s what’s important.

What was your goal with Snapt 3?

This movie is focused on surfing and having fun. I don’t care how many frames a second a camera shoots. I want to see stuff fast. And these guys go fast and they get people psyched to go surf. That’s what’s missing these days. Good surfing. Good music. Less bullshit. Like surf movies were back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Guys having fun.

What are your thoughts about movies these days?

Movies seem very intense these days. Really high production. High stress. I don’t want my movie to be like that. I look at the old …Lost movies and how much fun those guys were having and that’s appealing to everyone. So I wanna bring some of that back. And maybe inspire some young filmmakers to take that approach. Bring that excitement back.

What’s it going to look like in the edit bay? 

There’s so much good stuff coming in of the boys. I show Jack the clips of Mason and Mason the clips of Jack. And I show Bruce their clips. It’s gotten everyone fired up. The synergy is amazing between the guys. It’s cool to see everyone excited. That’s what Snapt 3 is all about.

Betet comes over behind Chucky and interrupts…

BETET: Snapt 3 all about old generation and new generation. It’s gonna be pretty much the boys. You know. It’s gonna be next level movie. About surfing. About friendship. Good times. Chucky is the man. And Bruce, are you kidding me? We also got Simon, the rapper. Super funny dude. Yeah, this shit gonna be fun. You coming to the premier ya?”

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