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WY Premiere: Hot Flash Heat Wave Watch their new video, “San Francisco Dating Life”

Video: Ry Pieri Art Boss

Dating can suck. Like really suck. Especially in an age when dating has become so intense and fruitless that apps like Tinder exist to further exhaust our chances at love. Enter San Francisco-based garage band Hot Flash Heat Wave, who may be onto something with their new video for “San Francisco Dating Life”. The video, vocalist, guitarist Adam Abildgaard told me, “is a jangly rebuttal to society’s standards for love and happiness. It’s a reminder to not get lost in the crowd and find what makes you truly happy—to surround yourself with the ones that make you fall in love with life and yourself. In the video we display this sentiment via a tragic dating game show where we take on the role of vain contestants desperate for love and fame.”

Hot Flash Heat Wave just released their sophomore album Soaked on OIM Records. Produced by Jeff Saltzman (the Killers) and mixed by Eric Broucek (the Drums), Soaked takes the band in a new direction towards colorful, hook-heavy dream pop tracks. And if their video is any indication of how fun these guys are in person, I’m willing to bet the future of my dating life on their live show. So listen up, watch their video, and good luck out there. Maya Eslami


6/27 @ Club Dada, Dallas, TX

6/28 @ Satellite Bar, Houston, TX

6/30 @ Mohawk, Austin, TX

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