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THE WY OFFLINE COLLECTION Just what the hell do we think we’re doing?

what youth offline collection clothing premium on sale now

“Just do shit.” Kai says that a lot in here. When bureaucracy, strategy, planning and overthinking begin to get a hold of us, or you or anyone, we usually remind ourselves to stop and remember who we are, then we “just do shit.” I think it was Allen Ginsberg who said, or at least advocated: “First thought, best thought.” And in life — especially this life we lead here trying to go against the way you’re “supposed” to live, and go about living how we want to — our instincts are always the best bet. Every time we hesitate, pull back, or cower, we usually fail, or create something that looks contrived, flat, or we just eat shit. Remember Christian Fletcher’s Fairly Normal when he says, “If you’re cautious, you end up going over the falls in life in general.” Well, he’s fucking right.

A while back we decided we wanted to make some super key clothing items too — and we wanted to make them in LA, with people we love, with serious attention to detail — and while people said we weren’t allowed to do that because we make “media” (whatever the hell that means now), we kinda had to say, “Look around everyone, it’s time for a little disruption.”

So while we definitely still make “media” —  we wanted to make this stuff too. So we did.

Maybe it’ll fill some holes in your program. It’s well-made in California, but you can still rip in it, sweat in it and go out like a sailor in it. Let’s call it a wardrobe base coat. Maybe you’ll like it. If so, here it is. If not, well, we still frame our hate mail, so let us have it. We also made our 18th magazine and a Fairly Normal about Dane Reynolds this week. Maybe check those out too.

“Column” Pocket Tee

“The Copy” Pocket Tee: Two Pack

“The Copy” Pocket Tee: Two Pack

“Gutter” Trunks

“Spine” French Terry Crew

“Deadline” Denim

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