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WY Premiere: Sunshine & the Blue Moon Watch their new video for “Buffalo Child”

Ontario-based Sunshine & the Blue Moon know how to make a politically conscious idea translate smoothly into song. Their new single, “Buffalo Child”, off 2016’s Welcome to the Future, “takes a hopeful look at the current socio-economic climate” and the effects we have on the environment, while maintaining a light, educational approach, and a solid, catchy, psych folk beat. Check out their new video, directed by Kai Davey-Bellin, premiering right here for your hungry eyes. And check their tour dates below with Toronto band Beds. “The two bands will be hopping aboard their newly converted school bus and traveling west across the country”, with a States stop in San Francisco. Sounds like a wild ride. –Maya Eslami

what youth recommends sunshine & the blue moon buffalo child

“The ‘Buffalo Child Stone’ was a plains Cree story I heard once, about a child lost by his buffalo hunting kinsmen. He was found and taken in by the very buffalo his people hunted for food and fuel, yet the buffalo took him in and raised him as one of their own. One day he saw the people hunting his new kin and recognized himself in them, torn between going back to his people or staying with the buffalo, he chose neither, instead becoming the stone. Mother Nature, Heaven, Dinosaurs, Buffalo etc.; these are all things that struck me as beautiful allegories for people as we struggle with our often crude animalistic instincts, and our extraordinary abilities that push us beyond our collective limits, maybe so far one day that we’ll turn ourselves into one big stone.” – Kai Davey-Bellin


July 12 – Edmonton – Sewing Machine

July 13 – Calgary – Nite Owl

July 14 – Vancouver – The Toast Collective

July 15 – Nanaimo – Crace Mountain

July 16 – Victoria – Copper Owl

July 22 – San Francisco – Amnesia

July 25 – Kelowna – Fernando’s

July 26 – Lethbridge – The Slice

July 28 – Winnipeg – Real Love Festival

July 29 – Thunder Bay – The Apollo

July 31 – Toronto – Grossman’s Tavern

Photos by: Laura-Lynn Petrick

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