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The What Youth “Forest” Font How our new T-Shirt and Sweatshirt grew out of the roots of evil

what youth forest font pullover

A while ago I hit a wall with the same music I’ve been listening too for the last few months. I was on a drawing bender trying to do some new shirt graphics and I needed something to fire me up. So I asked our own Michael Cukr for some suggestions, because in our clubhouse, he’s the resident dark, death, Norwegian, Scandinavian doom, metal dude — something I don’t know enough about. This was his response:


This is fun…

Try Sunn O: super atmospheric and slow and very evil. This album is rad.

OM, its the rhythm section from Sleep. So basically Sleep without Matt Pike. Droning, heavy and stoney. Conference of the Birds is a really rad album.

YOB is very simlar to OM, listen to that first track.

COUGH, pretty slow ‘n’ cinematic ‘n’ evil. Listen to Crooked Spine.

Been listening to a lot of Dystopia lately. Evil as fuck. Maybe a bit too gnarly to be creative with but if you’re pissed off or hate somebody…you’ll have some songs to dedicate to them now, haha. The same singer as Noothgrush (the show I got my face cut at). If you like those songs you’ll like every song on every album. They only have 3 albums. This is Back Stabber, these lyrics are fucking amazing.

Illusion of Love, Anti Christianity

My Meds Aren’t Working

Sanctity, crazy ass news reports about suicide.

DARKTHRONE: shit this will either be a hit or miss… I really fell in love with this band when I heard some of the “breakdowns” in the songs. Then I began to like the other parts of the songs. This is Summer of a Diabolical Holocaust, skip to 1:50.

To Walk the Infernal Fields, this song is fuckin rad, the whole thing is really good.

Quintessence: This is the song “Happy” does a beer bong to in the boat trip vid haha.

BATHORY: early black metal from Sweden. This is their first demo, the whole thing is rad as fuck. Really fast and evil, sonunds like it was recorded in a dungeon.

Mayhem, Chainsaw Gutsfuck, early black metal from Norway.

Tormentor, Elizabeth Bathory, a song about prolific serial killer in Hungary. The band is also Hungarian. Love this song.

Let me know if you need more!


After spending an entire week blasting this into the headphones, I came up with this “Forest Font”. It was based around his musical suggestions, and the “One Roll” we posted from his Norway trip last year. Pretty obvious how it all came together after seeing all that. —Scott Chenoweth

Get the black long sleeve here.

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And we made pullovers too, get those here.

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Check the rest of Michael Cukr’s “One Roll” here.

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