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WY Premiere: Gladys Lazer Watch their new video for “Veronica”

Gladys Lazer, the solo project of Tel Aviv-born musician Gal Lazer, is nomadic music. But more than that, it is the instrumental equivalent of a nomad wandering the earth with music as fuel and fire. Lazer’s new video for “Veronica,” a drum-heavy track that combines elements of post-jazz and dizzying woodwinds and swirling dreamscapes, is wonderful to watch, especially on this lazy Monday. Recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the countryside of SW Georgia, “Veronica” is only a chapter in an 8-part landscape of Lazer’s memories “of a time when he had no home and travelled the world solely on music.” If only we could all become musical nomads. So press play, and get lost today. —Maya Eslami

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