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Watch Blake Myers’ ShowReel This…and he has a winning record against Gabriel Medina

Blake Myers once beat Gabriel Medina (and Keanu Asing) in a heat at the ISA World games. It’s still one of Dane Reynolds’ favorite things to Google hoping the footage will surface one day. Blake is from New Zealand and spent his years after that heat win under the tutelage of Kai Neville. From sleeping in laundry rooms to being tied to Kai’s edit bay desk, Blake was brought up on a myriad of Kai’s rides and his own creative endeavors — which often consists of everything from budget airlines tickets to Indo alongside chick coops, to assisting on some of the best surf films to ever come out…and more recently his amazing work with us at What Youth, becoming an incredible cinematographer in every medium along the way, including his passion for shooting 16mm. You can’t click on a film of ours and not see his genius, but here above are some things he’s had his paws on over the year.

Love you, Blake.

Check out his Vimeo page for some trips down memory lane through the eye of Blake here. 

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