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The new “Whatties” T-Shirt and Hoodie The somewhat lengthy evolution from Cheesburgers to Whatties

what youth whatties tshirt

We’ll have to chalk this up to the Kiwis and the Aussies. Known for their innate ability to morph words and names into mashed up and funner versions of themselves, that is how What Youth became “Whatties.” It’s first mention came when Mitch was smashing cheeseburgers in Sumbawa while filming for Cluster and announced that he couldn’t eat them because he was on the protein shake diet (see Lizards of Summer episode 7) and “wasn’t What Youth enough for the cheeseburgers.”

The next evolution came in Hawaii. During a stint there we spent a lot of time with Mitch and the word became a regular part of the dialect. He cheered “Yeah Whatties!” when our credit card worked for the first time on the trip. And he became the Australian Psycho we know today on that trip. The name has become secret code for us since. Those who know know. So if you wanna join the club, snag a “Whatties” tee or zip-hoodie and be an early adopter.  We aren’t making any more of them either. This is it.

Get the “Whatties” T-Shirt here. 

Get the “Whatties” Zip hoodie here. 


what youth tshirts whatties

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