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WY Premiere: Sweet Nobody Hear first single “Manner Of Speaking”

what youth recommends sweet nobody

Sweet Nobody loves a good hook. And I’m not talking about a punch or a fish trap on a line. Comprised of Joy Deyo, Brian Dishon, Casey Snyder, and Adam Nolan, the dreamy, garage rock quartet from Long Beach are dropping their debut Loud Songs For Quiet People on Burger Records cassette this Friday. And today, we’re happy to premiere their lead single “Manner of Speaking,” an upbeat, infectious, clap-happy jam with a killer hook that’ll definitely get your feet stepping. So press play, and read our interview with the band below. –Maya Eslami

Interview with Joy Deyo 

WHAT YOUTH: Tell me about “Manner of Speaking” – any story behind the song? 

SWEET NOBODY: “Manner of Speaking” is kind of an introvert’s way of dealing with being angry without actually having to confront anyone. I got it on paper and then I felt like I could let it go. I say a lot of things in song that I probably wouldn’t tell people in conversation.

Do you guys write from personal experience? And if so, how hard is it to throw personal issues into a song that’ll be heard by a bunch of strangers?

Almost all of our songs are personal, though I’ve gotten more comfortable incorporating a few fictional characters and elements as I’ve continued to write. It’s pretty scary to write out your internal monologue and then plan an event where everybody comes to hear it. To me, that’s akin to one of those dreams where you’re suddenly naked in front of your entire school–but it’s fun and comfortable to play with the band and I always hope there’s at least one person listening who can relate to it.

Something I really love about art is that once you release it into the world, it doesn’t really belong to you anymore. It’s open for interpretation and while it might mean something completely different to a person hearing it for the first time, their ideas about what it means hold just as much value as mine. I always want people to find a way to apply it to their own experience.

Your debut drops on Friday. What can we expect?

Everything we’d be too scared to tell people otherwise.


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