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WY Premiere: Elsa Watch “I Do,” a perfect end of summer feel

Nostalgia is a real thing, and the basis for new video “I Do” by Toronto heartthrobs Elsa. Directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, the video was originally shot in 2012, but never released. “I dove into the video with a broken heart,” says Petrick, “but looking back at it, it’s now a fond memory and I get incredibly nostalgic for my youth and that feeling of young love.” The song itself, a light, dreamy ride, was also written in 2012 and intended to be released on Elsa’s debut album I Still Think of You. Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, the album was shelved – until now.
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From songwriter Jonathan Rogers:
“I wrote “I Still think of You” during the summer of 2012 when my best friend and bandmate, Brendan Parnell, died suddenly. “I Do” was one of the first songs I wrote for the album and it came together very quickly once I brought it to the band. I was very into 80’s guitar bands like The Church and Felt at the time and this song ended up sounding like my take on that stuff. Lyrically, I guess it centres around the shame I felt from using heavy substances to cope with the loss. It’s a pretty sunny sounding backdrop for the words, which I thought would make a good juxtapostion. The overall message of the song is a bit flippant but ultimately, triumphant. I feel like it helped me understand why I was doing those things once I wrote the song. It will always be a happy/sad document of that period in my life.”
“For me,” Rogers says, “the video is pure nostalgia. The footage of us was all taken in and around the time when we recorded the first album, around 5 years ago. We all look so happy! It brings back that first rush of excitement and inspiration of being in a new band that feels right. The footage of our dear friend Leslie relates to the song’s themes of pining for someone that you’re remembering like a dream.” So press play, immerse yourself in their dream, and get lost, if only for a few minutes. –Maya Eslami

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