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Volcom’s Sci-Fi thriller Osmo Thrombo Watch Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn and Ozzie Wright become possessed and rip in a new film by Volcom and RT

Mitch Coleborn was at our office recently and spoke of a pretty bizarre experience. It all stemmed from a trip he took (that you can actually see inside What Youth Issue 18). A trip that took a turn. A sketchy turn. And the film that resulted in it is here today. And we’re still chomping through popcorn kernels trying to figure it out. But however you slice it: Volcom and the genius filmmaker RT have made another film that epitomize the foreign “fuck it” that makes Volcom so great. And now they got Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn and Ozzie leading the way. Watch it above, and watch a bit of what makes Volcom filmmaking so great below.

And then, if you haven’t yet, buy the new mag and let the rad imagery and the bizarre spirit of Osmo Thrombo live on your coffee table for a good long while.

Watch our short Documentary on RT and VEECO Productions below: 

Part 2:

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