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Dane Reynolds in “Premium Violence” It may as well be a public holiday when Dane Reynolds releases a part

Dane Reynolds continues to evolve and surprise as the rest of the surf world stagnates. Today he brought home twin baby girls  — Maggie and Bobbie — and just about simultaneously, he released this watershed film of surfing and art, which announces the release of a new line of Former clothing called “Premium Violence.” It’s as if this was all by design. But as you saw in our recent Fairly Normal with him, Dane is just as nonchalant and unassuming as ever. He just can’t help but be an enigma that we can’t and never will be able to touch.

I suggest we all watch this. Open our minds. Buy some Former gear. And watch as one of the most interesting surfers, artists, brand-builders of our time does his thing.

Check out the latest drop from Former called Premium Violence here.

Watch Fairly Normal: Dane Reynolds below: 

What Youth Fairly Normal: Dane Reynolds from What Youth on Vimeo.

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