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Watch the “Dime Glory Challenge 2017” Dime brings your childhood dreams to life

Well we aren’t sure if this is bringing it back to the basics or a complete gimmick, but whatever it is we’re intrigued and we totally back it. Dime Glory Challenge 2017. The past few years dime has hosted a so called “contest” with a handful of different events. They remind us of the shit you dream up when you’re a kid and then forgot about 2 seconds later because you know it would never happen – Imagine sending 50 of the best pros to a contest to compete in the following categories – fastest flat ground trick, best trick over a couch while emulating a “gangster style” farthest kickflip over a kicker to kicker gap with flames in the middle, gladiator challenge, and more. Well DIME brings your childhood dreams true in the 2017 dime glory challenge. Watch it all here.

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