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WY Premiere: Pink Mexico Watch the new video for “Dumbfuck”

New York-based thrashers Pink Mexico, the reverb-coated annihilation of a band fronted by Robert Preston, know how to cause a scene. And on their new video for “Dumbfuck,” a Blair Witch Project styled pursuit of Preston as he flails his way into a frantic state of anxiety, I’m fully rubber-necking, eyes glued to the crash. Directed by Arvelissa Ruby, aka Lola Pistola, the video perfectly translates to the heavy, ear-ringing track off their sophomore album Fool, released last year on Burger. With another record already in the works, these shredders have the momentum to shatter glass. And if you’re in New York this weekend, don’t miss them at Rough Trade for the Monogold album release party – Saturday the 23rd. If it’s anything like this video, you won’t be disappointed. —Maya Eslami

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Photo by Arvelisse Ruby

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