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Listen to Omni Their new album Multi-task drops tomorrow

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Atlanta trio Omni make experimental post-punk licks that will either make you dance frenetically or give you a mild spout of anxiety. Either way, their new album Multi-task, dropping tomorrow on Trouble in Mind, reveals a suave ability to balance frenzied instrumentation with an expanding musical palette befitting a band settling into their own skin. So press play on these songs, get familiar with their noise, and read our interview with the band below. –Maya Eslami

WHAT YOUTH: How did you guys meet and start playing together? 

OMNI: Frankie and I met a long time ago in other bands, and were roommates at one point. I always kinda had extra ideas to kick around and eventually we started writing together.

You guys debuted just last year and already have a follow-up coming out. How has that creative process been for you guys? 

It’s been busy! Luckily we were able to finish most of the writing/demoing before we hit the road this year. Creatively we expanded our boundaries a bit and tried new things. More instrumental space, but still short songs.

Tell me about the new album Multi-task. What are you guys most excited about? 

I’m still in awe of Frankie’s art he has done for the record, the new look feels perfect and I think reflects it musically. Otherwise very excited for people to dig into the songs. Really proud of it instrumentally, and vocally/lyrically there are new tales of dissatisfaction, social apathy and total enchantment.

I heard you guys recorded in a remote cabin in the woods in Georgia. What was that experience like? 

It was amazing being in the woods. We could be as loud as we like any hour but also just enjoy the serenity. Huge pines and large fields to walk around. We were down there in two separate sessions but around 2 weeks total. Vienna, Georgia, hell of a place, so beautiful.

How was the recording process different the second time around, if at all? 

Basically we took the first process but added some nicer equipment and micrphones compliments of Nathaniel Higgins and Shimby McCreary. Same kinda sound as the first but much improved. It was fun to experiment in the woods a little as well.

You guys are described with very upbeat terms, like wiry and jittery and agit-pop… are you guys all naturally hyper dudes? What inspires your sound? 

Quite the opposite actually! I’d say we are pretty laid back generally, I suppose the energy comes out in the music. Also I personally wouldn’t consider the music so hyper, agit-y, to me we just write rock n roll songs!

Photo: Sebastian Weiss 

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