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WY Premiere: Brenda Watch their new creepy video for “Children”

Toronto four-piece Brenda have been involved in the local punk scene since 2015. And even though their sound isn’t quite “punk” – we hate genres – their vibe is lawless, unruly, with thumping drums and bursting riffs drizzled in haunting vocals that remind me of Cherry Glazerr funneled through a vacuum cleaner. Watch their new video for single “Children,” a home-video stylized trip filled with creepy ass clowns, and the perfect compliment to this sinister track.

“The single Children is about manipulation and the inevitability of growing up,” says the band. “On the surface level it could be a song about a friendship, or even a relationship, but on another level, the song is about childhood and what happens when people lose childlike innocence. Everyone, at some point, wants to escape the trappings of adulthood and run away to a place where it seems as if time doesn’t exist and age doesn’t matter. This song vacillates between these two states of being.”

The video, directed and shot by artist Sarah Ann Watson in East London, depicts a gathering of clowns at an annual church service to honor the father of modern “clowning” Joseph Grimaldi. “We thought clowns would be a fitting representation of the themes in ‘Children.'” See for yourself, and good luck not having nightmares tonight. —Maya Eslami 

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