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WY Premiere: Slow Caves Watch their new video for “2Hrs!”

Colorado-based surf-inspired band Slow Caves wish they were closer to waves. Waves mean sand and surf and the comfort of constant sun, and when you’re in the dead of winter in Colorado recording an album, it’s hard not to dream about warmer weather. “At that time,” says the band, “we were also listening to a ton of early Beach Boys.” Naturally, that feel flowed through on Slow Caves latest EP Desert Minded, mixed with other elements of pop, indie, and all things up. Watch their new video for “2Hrs!”, a day in the life of a “sad kid” as he searches for happiness.

“For the 2 Hrs! video we wanted to do something a bit different than our old videos and we wanted to really create a story line. The video follows a sad kid (Graham Epstein of The Baltic) through a journey to find happiness. The idea was that he would try all these things that normally would make people happy, eating pizza and candy, exercising, playing music, hanging out with dogs, etc. but through it all the only thing that he wants in life is to do nothing. In the end, the video is kind of saying that it doesn’t matter what other people’s perception of happiness is and that everyone should find out what makes them happy and stick to it. We put a broken record player in almost every shot to kind of help tie it all together.”

Slow Caves formed in Ft. Collins, Colorado in 2014 by Danish born brothers Jakob and Oliver Mueller (vocals, guitars) and rounded out by childhood friends David Dugan (guitar/bass) and Jackson Lamperes (drums). And although warm weather is a far-fetched thing for them, especially now, their music keeps that sun coming in hot. —Maya Eslami

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