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WY Premiere: Moniker Listen to “Fallouts” and stream their new album

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Moniker, the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Scott, began as most bands do, with home recordings and David Bowie crushes and the insatiable thirst to create conceptual, story-driven albums. After the death of a close friend, Scott spent 2016 writing what would become the band’s sophomore album, Good Bye Waste Land, while teaching abroad in France. And today, we’re happy to premiere the lead track “Fallouts,” as well as the entire album, streaming exclusively on WY. “The song chronicles the down fall of relationships, and how often fallout becomes somewhat unavoidable over time,” a reality we can all understand.

“With Good Bye Waste Land, my goal was to create an album that tells a story and creates a world connecting all the songs together, like an old Pink Floyd or glam-era Bowie record, but one where you can also pick out those individual songs and listen to them as big-chorus singles. More to the point—this album is meant for anyone who’s lost a friend, or isn’t as close to them as they used to be, and is wondering how they got to where they are.”

So press play on the single, stream the album below, and take a moment to tell your friends you love them, even if it’s just through sharing music. —Maya Eslami

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