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Haunted Hop Jonathan Toubin’s (aka New York Night Train) 2017 Halloween Mix

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For the eighth year in a row, mad scientist / NY Night Train soul proprietor Jonathan Toubin retired to his laboratory to concoct the ultimate score for your Halloween season. Conjured from the dee jay’s own original 45s, this year’s mix is a dance party full of hits and misses, classics and obscurities, canonical musicians and horror show hosts. The three dimensions, the good, the bad, and the ugly are all Frankensteined together. This island of misfit tracks take you on a fantastic voyage deep into nightmares, madness, witchcraft, voodoo, and zombie lifestyle. Make this the soundtrack to your October.


1. The Madmen “Haunted” (Cloister, 1963)
2. The Soul Shakers “Savage A Go Go” (Triangle, ?)
3. Ichabod and the Cranes “The Turtle” (Coral, 1964)
4. Hound Dog Clowns “Wicked Witch” (Uni, 1968)
5. Whyte Boots “Nightmare” (Phillips, 1966)
6. Kip Tyler “She’s My Witch” (Ebb, 1958)
7. Satan’s Breed “Laugh Myself to the Grave” (A-L-M, 1966)
8. Swamp Rats “Psycho” (St. Claire, 1966)
9. The Motivations “The Birds” (Pride, 1963)
10. The Lapels “Bad Luck” (Fortune, 1964)
11. Wolfman Jack and the Wolf Pack “Don’t You Just Know It” (Bread, 1965)
12. Suzi Jane Hokom “Need All The Help I Can Get” (MGM, 1966)
13. Gaitley and Fitzgerald “Séance Day” (Bornwin, 1967)
14. Sir Julian at The Organ with Orchestra and Chorus “Séance on A Wet Afternoon” (Ascot, 1965)
15. Dr. Shock “After Midnight” (East Coast, ?)
16. Roy Brown “Great Casaboo” (Gert, 1965)
17. Tabby Thomas “Hoodo Party” (Excello, 1962)
18. Chaos Incorporated “Daktari Ooh-Ah” (S.P.Q.R., 1967)
19. Big T Tyler “King Kong” (Aladdin, 1957)
20. Willie Wright and His Sparklers (Federal, 1960)
21. The Flaming Kings “Hey La-De-Da” (Bru-Cla,?)
22. Shalimar Thompson “Voodoo Mash, Pt 2” (Del Fi Ascetate, 1962)
23. Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds “Spider Baby” (In The Red, 2017)
24. The Weirdos “E.S.P. (Theme for Shock Theatre)” (LAN-CET, 1962)
25. Jim Burgett with Don Ralke and His Orchestra “The Living Dead (Columbia, 1961)
26. The Raves “Everything’s Fire” (Smash, 1968)
27. Count Gregore and the Transylvanians “Theme from Nightmare” (Nightmare, ?)

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