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WY Premiere: Ruby Haunt Listen to their new single “Ivy”

Ruby Haunt, the bedroom gaze duo of Wyatt Ininns and Victor Pakpour, slipped into our musical subconscious last year with their debut Sugar, an album they created through email exchanges and phone calls living in two separate states. Their follow up album Nevada dropped in May of this year, and while the band now lives in the same state, the longing within their somber, Slowdive-y arrangements is still there, soothing and warm like a quilt on a cold day. Check out their new single “Ivy,” a song they originally left on the cutting room floor that ultimately needed to be set free, and read our interview with the band below. –Maya Eslami

WHAT YOUTH: Last time we spoke, you guys were living in separate places creating music through email. Has anything changed since then?   

RUBY HAUNT: We now live in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach which has made it much easier to get together and play shows. However we still enjoy writing by ourselves and getting together when we have the ideas down.

Tell me about the new EP. How did you guys record? What was the writing process like? 

We really wanted to try to push ourselves to make something more organic and written outside of the computer world. In the past we use mostly electronic drums and synth plug-ins but wanted to go 100% live with this one. We started with creating the concept of the EP, choosing artwork and titles that would evoke an atmosphere we were going for.

And the title, “Abandoned Melodies” – any meaning behind that? 

These songs were written during the creation of our last album ‘NEVADA’. It was hard to leave them out because they felt so strong, but we wanted ‘NEVADA’ to be really coherent and concise. At the end we were left with a bunch of songs that didn’t fit  and felt some needed to see the light of day. We couldn’t stand not releasing the tracks in “Abandoned Melodies”.

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