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I have no idea what’s happening on tour But this was pretty fun to watch

I was feeling a little guilty. I haven’t been watching the tour, like, at all — and I know that’s maybe what you expect us to say as the “freesurf encouraging dudes” or whatever, but hey, we do like surfing, and when “it’s on” we usually check it out. Lots of our pals are there. It’s always fun to watch guys rip. Anyway, I vowed over the weekend to spend some time with the webcast to get caught up. World Title race… ?

Turns out watching Europe from California is really hard. I think it kicks off post-midnight and takes a dawn patrol the next day to grab a few heats. And then yesterday, before I surfed I put it on and saw a restart and onshore cave dodging. So I left and went surfing. Anyway, I like this stuff much more anyway. Worth a watch.

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