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WY Premiere: SANDS Listen to his cover of “Echoes”

Photo: Sands

Multi-instrumentalist SANDS may be based in London, but his love and appreciation of the California sound runs deep. And what better band than The Byrds to spark his latest single, a cover of Gene Clark’s “Echoes,” which we’re premiering exclusively today. Mixed by Jonas Verwijnen (Moon Duo, Follakzoid), SANDS modernizes the folk rock classic with psych-pop leanings, taking an energized, swirling approach to an otherwise beautifully composed ballad. “He’s truly a gem, one of the greats to me,” SANDS says of Clark, one of the founding members of the quintessential Los Angeles band. So press play, and read our quick interview with the man behind the cover below. —Maya Eslami

WHAT YOUTH: When did you start listening to Gene Clark?

SANDS: A few years back, one night at a friend of mine’s place.

What drew you to his music?

I love The Byrds, but my friend was like: “Ever heard Gene Clark’s solo stuff?”
He played me the track “No Other” and I have completely blown away, probably like for many people. I got into his catalogue and so much fell in love with the songwriter, singer and musician, as well as the character. This is what happened on a lower level. On a higher one, perhaps I was drawn by some kind of higher power.

And why cover “Echoes”?

There’s an incredible depth to him, truly touching and inspiring. But he can have some swing too! “Echoes” is the case. It clicked with me lyrically, and I wish I’d written the music. It’s like a beautiful picture or painting, it takes you in a world of his own.

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