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Jeremy & the Harlequins Premiere Listen to their cover of “Like A Prayer”

Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

There’s something about a Madonna song – the good era of Madonna – that can throw you head first into a whirlwind of emotion, whether from nostalgia if you’re old enough to have heard her in real time, or from admiration at a talent that helped personify a decade. For New York five-piece Jeremy & the Harlequins, “Like A Prayer” was waiting for them in a bodega, and vocalist Jeremy Fury couldn’t help but reach out and touch faith. “Of course, I’ve heard the song a million times,” he says, “but I had never paid too much attention to the lyrics until then. I went home and quickly learned the song on the guitar and it reminded more of a Roy Orbison tune than the original dance version we all know.” The track comes on the heels of a series of digital drops these dudes are doing in anticipation of their 2018 album. Why a Madonna track? “We decided to record it because it was a song everyone knew that we felt we could totally flip, and those are my personal favorite types of songs to cover.” We couldn’t agree more. —Maya Eslami

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