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Cult of Freedom: The Australia Part Joe G and the Globe team are back with a new series and this is your first look at it

All across the wonderful world of surfing there is banter and chatter of world titles and machine-made Instagram friendly clips and Triple Crowns and it is all fine and dandy. But there is also this, right here, something we’re much more excited about: a new video series from Globe called Cult of Freedom, and it is here to kick all that sterile surfing in the shins.

Taj Burrow, Noa Deane, Nate Tyler, Eric Geiselman, Dion Agius, Brendon Gibbens, Creed McTaggart and a cameo by Jay Davies make this clip — world premiering right here at What Youth on Monday — something to spend your weekend getting excited about.

Here’s your first glimpse. Come Monday, we’re on: 20 minutes worth of: Cult of Freedom: The Australia Part.

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