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Watch “Vague+Profound” “Cool Dad” Yadin Nicol releases nearly full-length vid 4 years in the making…and there’s a lot of Dillon too

Yadin Nicol is “cool dad.” We’ve said it before he was an actual dad. He was always the guy keeping vibes up. Tying the boards on the roof. Talking to the locals. Quietly getting the wave of the day. And now he is literally the coolest dad. Since moving to Southern California from West OZ years ago, Yadin has built a family, but we haven’t seen a ton of clips. And this is why: 4 years of hard drive compiling is now here. And let’s just say: we’re in. Well done sir. His son Corona is probably going to putting out his own parts any day now, but this isn’t a bad offering from dad.

Try to find 14-minutes of uninterrupted time. You might have something to talk about later.

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