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Watch Jordy Spend A Day At Lowers Ah, yes, the wave the tour’s leaving behind.

Watching this is almost a little jarring. And no, it’s not Jordy’s fault. Don’t worry, he looks great. He tends to do that. It’s just, the vid’s all Trestles. The spot where Taylor Steele pulled his best California highlights for his early (and best) movies. The spot every kid born south of Newport cut their foot on a cobblestone, landed their first real air, and caught the funnest wave of their life — all in one session. And the spot that’s no longer on the World Surf League’s yearly itinerary. Or, maybe it feels weird because it’s been dark, murky, and cold in Southern California lately. And watching inviting south swell ramps feels a bit, well, I don’t now, off-putting? Actually, yes, it must be the flat spell. I can never get the hang of flat spells.


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