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WY Premiere: Cheap Tissue Listen to scuzzy new single “Dirt” 

LA punk locals Cheap Tissue know how to jolt you awake, and their adrenaline-fueled, unapologetic, raw surge of blistering, contagious energy is almost as effective as a caffeine-filled IV to the dome, or a quick slap in the face, if that’s your thing. Formed in the early months of 2015, the four-piece – Andrew Taylor, Jesse Youngblood, John Tyree, and Matt Spizer — play hard, fast, and don’t give a shit if you particularly like their music. Just the kind of attitude we look for in a band. Listen to their new single, “Dirt,” off their self-titled debut, dropping March 2nd of next year on Lolipop Records. Considering these dirtbags have opened for the Vibrators, the Zeros, and are about to share the stage with our faves the Shrine and Feels, we’re betting hard change that they stick around long enough to induce some sort of amphetamine-drenched craze. So press play, absorb their single like the coffee you most likely need right now, and read about the meaning of the song below. —Maya Eslami

Cheap Tissue play the Echoplex with The Shrine And Feels on December 7th. 

WHAT YOUTH: Tell me abou the “Dirt” single? 

ANDREW: “It’s about Edie Sedgwick…. just kidding. It isn’t… But kinda.”

JESSE: “It’s focused on the monetary aspect of people who are not true fans of music. They look the part, go to the party and have the means to do so (thanks, mom & dad). They participate in those aspects, alone. Authentic trash.

JOHN: “It’s about chicks from the valley. And other parasites.”

MATT: “We’re all dirt.”

JESSE: “Yup.”

ANDREW: “This song is about a certain brand of people and how we think they go about life.”

MATT: “Just a general idea. Take what you want from it.”

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