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Listen to Sick Teeth German garage rock that’ll blow your mind

Sick Teeth, a German garage fuzz band that sounds like they’re straight off the shelves of an unearthed vinyl collection, slipped into our inbox a couple weeks ago – my actual reaction was “holy fuck this is good” – and we can’t stop listening to them. They’re pure garage rock, with a twist of fuzzed out surf vibes that pile on like a cool breeze, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be obsessed in no time. So press play on these gems, and read our interview with Sick Teeth below. –Maya Eslami

WHAT YOUTH: Hi Sick Teeth. What are you guys doing right now? 

SICK TEETH: Not much. Hanging around, working on new songs, playing a couple of shows …

When and how did Sick Teeth come together? 

Böhmi and I went to school together. We’ve always wanted to start a band, but never did. Last year we decided to actually start it when we met Leo at a concert. The first jams and rehearsals it was only the three of us, until Böhmi met Will at the bar he is working at.

You guys describe yourself as 60s Garage Fuzz, but there’s also heavy surf influence in there. Who are you guys inspired by? What music do you listen to? 

We listen to a lot of 60s stuff, punk and modern garage music. I think our inspiration comes from these three genres. A lot of people tell us that they can hear a surf influence in our music. We don’t really listen to surf, though.

What’s the music scene like in Kassel, Germany? Do you guys play live shows anywhere? 

Music scene in Kassel is small and still interesting in the garage and punk side, else is what you get in the charts… Yes, we do play live shows, but since the band is not that old, we are only starting to play other cities right now.

Tell me about the album, Ghost. Where did you guys record? And who helped put it out? 

We recorded it at a friends studio called Klang-WG in Kassel. Friends of us, started a small independent tape label, Gönner Records. They helped to put our tape out.

On the song, “Brian Jones last supper”, what do you think his last meal would’ve been? 

The song refers to a story I read about Brian. He was in Morocco to record songs with a Moroccan band. They had some kind of a feast and tripping on acid he said, he was the goat everyone was eating. So in the song his last supper is himself.

What would you guys choose as your last supper? 

Four joints and a pizza.

Any plans to do a US tour? How can we get you over here to play one of our parties! 

Sure, all you have to do is pay for our flights and a goddamn van!

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