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Watch Occy interview Iggy Pop Remember When Iggy Pop Would Cut Himself With Glass At Stooges’ Gigs? Well now he’s on the Occ-Cast

Video: Billabong
I feel more comfortable calling this a 37-minute long fever dream rather than a video. James Newell Osterberg Jr. aka Iggy Pop speaking with Mark Occhilupo on the latest episode of the Occ-Cast. To be honest, I don’t normally keep up with the Occ-Cast for a few reasons, most of which pertain to my inherent laziness as a human being. However, seeing Iggy and Occy share a couch together is tickling in a weird, schadenfreude-inducing way.

So, if you ever wanted to see Iggy Pop model off boardshorts alongside Creed McTaggart while talking about the one time he learned to surf, welcome(?). If you didn’t, well, you’re already here. It’s a little odd. It’s weirdly entreating. And there’s some genuinely interesting tidbits of conversation thrown about. Including, but not limited to, what life (and the sausages — seriously) was like west of the Berlin Wall. Reality continues to deviate down a stranger path with each passing day. —James Royce

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