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Watch “Gundad” A warm water barrel-fest starring Gunner Day

Yesterday was a bit of a slow one around the office. We blamed the super moon. We blamed the colder air. We blamed the fact is was another Monday. Either way, not a lot was getting done. So we went surfing. The tide looked just right, there was a bit of swell tickling the coast and offshore winds were blowing. The hype was there but after paddling out we realized it was all a bit of a mirage. Waves were a bit too quick and the cold wind off the desert cut right through our neoprene, freezing us for hours afterward. Plus, the one decent wave I picked off ended up being a closeout that suplexed me into the sandbar. But I’m not one to be overly dramatic so I’ll just say it was positively miserable.

So after a quick cry in the car during the commute home, I flipped open my laptop and looked for some media solace. And that’s when this came up. Gunner Day surfing in Mexico or Costa Rica…or maybe it’s Panama? Either way, somewhere that’s possibly in Central America but is certainly much warmer and more welcoming than what’s right here right now. Filmed by one of our favorites, Hunter Martinez.—James Royce

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