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Rhetorical Question: Want A New Board? Because the guys at Superbrand want to hook you up.

what youth surfboard giveaway

Guys, guys, the mercury is dropping and that is wonderful news. That’s right, it’s officially winter. You know what that means? Layering. Utilizing your fireplace. Resurfacing childhood trauma during the holidays. But most importantly: Waves. Consistent north swells lighting up every inch and crag of coastline. There aren’t many things better than a chilly marathon session topped off with a nice beer or two or five. That is, except, a chilly marathon session on a fresh, new board topped off with a nice beer or two or five.

And the guys at Superbrand want to help you get there. They can’t promise you waves or sparkling suds, but they have a stick with your name on it. One board, of your choosing, from their stock. Nice. Consider it step one to fulfilling your seasonal dreams. And it’s the first step that’s always the hardest.

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