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The What Youth Wish List Here are all the things we want this holiday season, which is probably stuff you or the youth on the run in your life will want

what youth recommends holiday gift guide 2017

Being a youth on the run requires a significant amount of equipment. And I don’t mean useless consumer goods (well, sometimes) but we need gear and tools. Late nights, early mornings require things. And every year we like to take stock of all the things we need to keep creating at the healthy clip that we do. We had our staff compile a list of the things they think we all need (you included). Now this ranges from cameras to keychains. T-shirts to tripods. Wetsuits to matches. Let’s go shopping.

What Youth

Well, of course you better start this exercise by emptying our shop to end the year so we can re-fill it next year.

VHS Camera

These are great for home movies and what youth movies. eBay is littered with ‘em. We want.

Get your search started here. 

In N Out Shirt

I mean, have you ever driven through here post surf/skate? Fuck it’s good. Might as well pay tribute with a tee.

Get one here. 

Vissla 7 Seas 4/3 Hooded Wettie

We’re eyeing north post Christmas, and we’re gonna want our ears warm — and all other extremities.

Get one here. 

Sony RX0

Cool new Go-Pro-type thing but Sony and has larger sensor and a nicer focal length.

Get one here. 

Foo and Foo T-Shirt

We like this No, No, No ,shirt from this rad new brand. The girl who runs it is Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter.

Get one here. 

Electric Typewriter

Did you know that Hunter S. Thompson copied Ernsest Hemingway novels word-for-word on a typrewriter so he could learn their style when he was still a young upstart? Seriously. Not saying the same might work for you, but it’s worth a try.

Start your search for one here. 

Globe Sprout Shoes

We have plenty of black shoes. These are fun. And Globe, so they rip.

Get them here. 

Volcom Mod Tech Surf Bag

Surf or snow or somewhere in between this travel bag keeps wet things wet and dry things dry, all in the same space.

Get one here. 

Little Trees “Black Ice” Air Freshener 

This air freshner is the one.

Get them here. 

Jim Goldberg Book Candy/Good Spacious Land 

Amazing photo book.

Get it here. 

Paisley deck

Sick new brand based out of San Francisco. Sean Cliver does most of their art and graphics. Limited runs and the shit’s super cool.

Get them here. 

Brixton Coors Banquet collab

You know we’re big Brixton fans, and this collab with Coors is pretty sick. Definitely gonna want a hoodie from this.

Get it here. 

Filson Snap Wallet

Michael got a new wallet and he really likes it.

Get one here. 

Nixon “Re-Run” Watch

An ‘80s inspired time piece with a timeless look. Pair its looks with a digital negative LCD face and you have a positive vibe generator latched to your wrist no matter what era you’re in.

Get it here.  

Banks Mountain Long Sleeve Woven Shirt

When in doubt during the cold months, a trusty flannel is never a bad call. Banks woven shirts use recycled materials hand in hand with their trusted fabrics so you look as good as the environment does.

Get it here. 

Richer Poorer Men’s Ridley Socks 

Crafted in Japan with the finest cotton alongside the highest level of expertise only found in, you know, Japan. These socks will be the ones your girlfriend steals and pretends they were hers to begin with.

Get them here. 

Merge4 Wall Ride Sock

Up the sides of city walls and up the sides of your feet come this conversation starting sock featuring Natas Kaupas. Can’t go wrong with Natas on your socks.

Get them here. 

The Drive Thru DVD Box Set

Self explanatory.

Get it here. 

The Essential Zizek: The Complete Set

The modern maverick philosopher. The self-proclaimed “Elvis of cultural theory.” The man your parents don’t want you to read up on and you can impress your coworkers by knowing about. He’s very edgy, but very interesting.

Get it here. 

Foundation Skateboards hat

Rad logo, sick team, good gear and decks.

Get it here. 

Emerica Wing G6 Shoes

Clean black low profile shoe for keeping it lightweight.

Get them here. 

Book Jason Molina: Riding with the Ghost

Singer of Electric Magnolia Company and Songs Ohia. Super interesting musician and his battle with the truth and the bottle.

Get it here. 


You’d be surprised how handy this comes when you go anywhere remotely adventurous in nature and it gets dark.

Get one here. 

Vissla Filming Hat

Long days on the sand filming, or long days chasing, these hats just keep your head and face regular. And looking in the moment.

Get it here. 

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