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WY Premiere: Beechwood Listen to new track “C/F”

what youth recommends beechwood c/f

NYC-based glam punk trio Beechwood are no strangers to the dirty side of the law. Earlier this year, drummer and vocalist Isa Tineo and bassist Sydney Simons were arrested during an outdoor show for “reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, obstructing government administration and disorderly conduct.” The whole thing was caught on social media and made its way to headlines in NY Daily News. Welcome to rock ‘n’ roll, boys. Considering Beechwood remind me most prominently of notorious rebels Brian Jonestown and My Bloody Valentine, I wouldn’t expect anything less from these punks. Check out their new single for “C/F,” off forthcoming LP Songs From the Land of Nod, dropping January 26th via Alive Naturalsound. It’s languid, drippy, like molasses spilling out of a jar, and the vocals do a subtle Kevin Shields thing in my brain. So listen to the track, and read guitarist Gordon Lawrence’s description of the song below. –Maya Eslami

“I wrote C/F when I was in a dark period in my life. I woke up everyday struggling to find any real meaning to be awake. As a result, I continuously made myself numb to my surroundings, to my feelings, and to the people around me. I almost stopped trying altogether. Luckily, in my darkest moments I’ve always had music to get me through the day. Depression is something that is hard to talk about, and it is even harder to ask for help because it feels like a never-ending pit. You get so far down that you don’t even know which way is up anymore. I found it hard to even look at my guitar when I was at my worst, let alone pick it up. Eventually I was able to, and every time I picked it up I just began to play the chords C and F over and over again. There was something therapeutic about playing those two chords, and I got this song out of it.”

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