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Watch Asher Pacey’s Cold Water Christmas Sesh On one of the best-looking sub-zero right handers

I told myself I’d be out. Don’t email me. Don’t DM me. If you see me on the street do not dare make eye contact. And if you do, guess what? I’ll look away. You know why? I unplugged. It’s the holidays and I’m going off the damn grid. Only checking Twitter every now and then to get my fill of absurdist humor and surreal memes. I told my family to do the same too. “Let’s all make a pact to go dark this holiday break (or at least try our best)!” It’s the thought that counts.

And then Asher Pacey dropped this. So here he is surfing somewhere gelid on what looks like the most epic right-hander. It’s sick. And it looks really cold. Press. Kickback. Enjoy. –James Royce

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