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The 10 Best WY Vids of the Year Let’s get sentimental for a minute, then let’s get back out there

what youth recommends top 10 wy vids of 2017

It seems to be common sentiment that 2017 was a bit trickier than we might have wanted it to be. But that’s the way it goes. And we all go through it together. And since once again, instead of facing this week with one foot in and one foot out, we’ve all ran to various parts of the world to hide and recharge. But we did want to take one quick look back at the year and re-watch some of our favorite vids we made this year. Well see you bright and early in 2018.

10. Long Beach, NY

We got a new addition to the team late in the year, and he is a swell-hunting salt pig and we love him for that. Hunter Martinez and friends sniffed out this epic run of waves in New York and chased it to the Big Apple. And in this case, the swell hunt worked.

9. Afternoon Interview: Kolohe Andino

Kolohe Andino is a fickle dude. On one hand he’s one of our best friends, and on the other, he’s a tricky to pin down. He knows the drill with media and generally knows how to play it to his favor. We’ve occasionally in the past and once this year gotten the chance to see a more open version of himself. Fishing for bass in a  man-made lake.

8. Artist Series: Mark Riddick

He’s done work for Justin Bieber and just about every single respected Death Metal band there is. So he’s got range. Michael Cukr took the red eye to Virginia to peruse his archives and made this very intimate and interesting vid about his work.

7. Do Not Pray for Us: Bro Style Road Trip in the Pacific Northwest

Leo Romero invited us on a real, actual skateboarding trip with his Bro Style team.

6. Afternoon Interview: Louie Lopez

Another of the more reserved people we know, but got to spend a rad day with Louie and his friends in LA and Ventura.

5. Artists Series: Mike Watt

Punk icon and artist Mike Watt let us into his San Pedro practice space. And the honor was all not his side of the table. What a legend.

4. 4 Cities: Balaram Stack

The real beauty of this is how little time we had to film it and how much we got into. Balaram gave us a whirlwind tour of his NYC. From the city to the beach and all that is NY in between.

3. Afternoon Interview: Kader Sylla

Always rad to get an unfiltered afternoon with someone who you just know is going to be a household name any second. Hell, he already is. When Andrew Reynolds is your actual boss, you’re going places. We also got a cover out of this shoot.

2. Hello, Sea: Starring Craig Anderson, Yago Dora, Chippa Wilson, Lee Wilson, Eric Geiselman and Dillon Perillo

A-list crew and although the wind went sideways and the thousand year storm his while we were in Padang, this trip is still a highlight of the year.

1. Fairly Normal: Dane Reynolds

We had the pleasure of spending a few days with Dane and Courtney and Sammy just before the twin girls arrived, getting a rare and intimate glimpse into who our favorite surfer is.


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