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Music for right this second Listen to Maya’s new Spotify playlist “BUZZ.” Made especially for those “new year, new me” weekend buzzes

what youth recommends BUZZ

Most years it takes me at least a couple weeks before my brain can fully accept the numerical passing of time. Not this year, dudes. 2017 is dead, and with 2018 comes new hopes and ambition and energy bursting like bright beautiful potential. It’s summer in California, as usual, and the East Coast is bracing for a bombogenesis — cue “Bamboleo” and thank me later. And for the moment, politics doesn’t seem to be ruining our lives. Everyone’s leaning on that reset button, ready to shake shit up and get crisp. So while you’re out chasing some fresh salt today, breathing in that new year new me mentality, or chilling in your bombogenesis shelter wrapped in a snuggie, check out our new playlist “BUZZ,” a collection of songs — some old, some new, and some favorites from 2017 — to catapult us into the new year so fully open with possibility that the sheer force is electrifying. Stay strapped in, don’t touch the sockets. Okay maybe just a little. –Maya Eslami

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