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WY Premiere: Well Well Well Watch their video for “Sleeping Away”

Well Well Well, a new postmodern pop band from San Diego comprised of musicians Seton Edgerton and Dan Nichols, sound soothing and uplifting and bring just the right amount of flavor for your morning. Watch their new video for single “Sleeping Away,” a black and white tripped out visual adventure that echoes the essence of the track. “You can do anything you want, choose anyone that you want. Sure know how to spend your day sleeping away.” A sentiment we can fully stand behind. The song is part of a series of EPs the band plans on releasing throughout 2018 that were “recorded in and inspired by the pop-up studio on the Los Angeles River in Frog Town and The Nest in Boyle Heights.” So sip on their video, and read our quick conversation with the band below. –Maya Eslami

Well Well Well play the Blonde Bar in San Diego on 1/25 with Part Time (Cult Records)

WHAT YOUTH: How did you guys meet and form Well Well Well?

WELL WELL WELL: Dan Nichols and myself met at a local coffee shop in Ocean Beach, California. Our previous band Barbarian split up, shortly after opening for Arctic Monkeys, touring with Bat for Lashes and recording our last album Night Blooms at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree. We committed to recording old and new ideas and start fresh with Well Well Well.

Tell me about the single “Sleeping Away” – do you guys plan on releasing it? 

“Sleeping Away” is available digitally everywhere and is the first single from 3 EPs that will be released throughout early 2018. 808 drums, “Mr. Sandman” hypnotic guitars, lush saxophone, hazy mellotron layers and three part vocal harmonies. Lyrically inspired by the modern attraction to distraction and our ease of becoming lost in a daydream.

Any significance behind the song? 

The song represents our eclectic approach at songwriting and not wanting to tie ourselves to a particular sound or genre. I think the songs lyrics feel more and more relevant in todays world because we can literally pretend to be someone or something we are not. Gain a massive following of people who have become convinced of that and see nothing behind the surface. Our minds today seem to be working overtime and the lights seem to be on but no one is home. Kind of like the Home Alone Fake Party scene with the dancing cardboard cutouts by the marionette mastermind Kevin Mcallister.

How do you two collaborate as musicians? What instruments do you guys play? And what’s the recording process like, being just the two of you? 

It’s pretty evenly split. I focus a lot on vocal melodies and lyrics but working together in multiple bands for years we are able to come up with catchy ideas quickly and not spend too much time thinking “what if”. We both play a bit of everything but my focus is guitar and Dan is a keyboard and percussion wizard, often doing it at the same time which has coined him the nickname “Tambo Jesus.”

We recorded everything to be released this year in Los Angeles with Adam Rasmussen & Chris Lynch (Gardens & Villa) and Johnny Hanson. They all played such a pivotal role of the recording process because of their passion and genuine interest in making our songs the best they could possibly be. We tend to let the ideas and creative inspirations flow while we are in the studio and let the instruments do most of the noise making.

Was there any inspiration behind the video? And did you guys have fun shooting it? What was it like working with the director? The visuals are so stunning. Whose idea was that? How did you guys come up with the concept? 

I couldn’t be happier with the video and the process. I contacted Bro. Adam Willis after watching his uncomfortably, beautiful video with King Krule “Dum Surfer.” We bounced some ideas back and forth and he suggested working with his good friend Billy Hall. Billy came up with concept based on the lyrics and within a couple weeks him and director of cinematography, Nick Morr, got to work on our video in San Diego. Helicopter rides, live performance pieces and sunsets on tucked away beaches. We had a great time shooting the video and look forward to working with them again for the some of the other singles we have coming out.

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