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Watch “Fire In The Water” Pond’s new video shot by Sam Kristofski

Australian psych band Pond, an ever evolving rotation of musicians itching to explore their collaborative skills, dropped a new video yesterday for their bonus track “Fire In The Water” off last year’s full-length The Weather. And it’s a doozy. Directed by Sam Kristofski, who we’re slightly obsessing over lately, the video follows the members of Pond through Tokyo on what Sam described as one of the deadliest trips of his life. Naturally we had to get the details out of him. Read below to find out why, and watch this rad video. –Maya Eslami

WHAT YOUTH: How do you know Ponds? 

SAM KRISTOFSKI: I met them through Jay, who is in the band, who i met in LA a few years back at this masonic temple while he was over with Tame Impala. I was with this ruthless guy Eric who plays in King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and we met at this place called the cosmic orchard months before with The Babe Rainbow. Was like a river of psychedelic rock bands.

How did you end up shooting the video for “Fire In The Water”? 

Jay instagram messaged me like 2 days before, and said do you wanna come to tokyo? Was very last minute!

What was that like for you? 

I was on the plane with no plan. Just had a bolex and 4 rolls of film, didn’t even have time to buy more. So when we were filming I didn’t really know what we were doing, just wandering around drinking beer and those sweat drinks filming Nic dancing and Joe looking in windows etc, I remember one night we walked for like 3 hours looking for some rainbow bridge and we were totally lost but we found this roller slide which was pretty fun. That was Joe’s birthday I think. Definitely a highlight.

You mentioned it being one of the deadliest trips of your life – care to share? 

Well… there is this guy in the band called Joe, who is possibly the most deadliest human alive. I had not met him yet, but heard a lot about him and it was his 30th birthday while we were there in Tokyo. So we kind of let him do his thing, you know, make it a good time for his big birthday. So we jiust walked over the whole city looking for this little burger place, and on the last day we found it, and it just tasted like a cheese burger from mcdonalds. Was very deadly. And the fact that it was so last minute, and me and Nic the singer found out that we are exactly the same age, like to the day!

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