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Flying Hair Drops New Album Listen to first single, “Phase II”

There are inevitably multiple phases in a band’s existence, and Flying Hair is in the thick of their metamorphosis. Formed in 2014 by guitarist Kurt Mangum, drummer Matthew Clark, and bassist Bobby Martin (founding drummer of Zig Zags), the Los Angeles-based trio shredded their way through every venue in town, cementing a name for themselves as the band most likely to put a crook in your neck. They self-released their debut album in 2015, landed a featured track on indie film Teenage Cocktail, and toured with Acid Mothers Temple. Pretty heavy for a band doing their own thing. That was then. With new energy bursting from their frayed fingertips, Flying Hair was ready to make some moves.

Their highly anticipated new album Night Fight drops January 19th on Clark’s own label Casual Acid Tea Recordings, and we’re completely hooked. Featuring new permanent member Brian Fox on synth and keys, as well as the incredible Nik Turner (founding member of Hawkwind!) on a couple tracks with his sax glory, the album was tracked by former Zig Zag’s bassist Patrick McCarthy at Flying Hair’s old practice space in Boyle Heights, which the band affectionately dubbed “The Haunted Hangout.”

what youth recommends flying hair phase II

“We called it the Haunted Hangout because when we moved in it was way creepy. The space had been vacant for a while and had some crusty drop ceilings and tons of random telecom wires all over the walls and ceiling. It was very dark and eerie at first. We named one ghost Floppy because a guitar was inexplicably detuned and the strings loosened when we came in to practice. We also used to get the sound of an old-fashioned typewriter through one of the amps and imagined as the ghost of an old school secretary, but I forget her name right now. Now the space is a beautiful brewery and tasting room.”

So how in the world did these dudes link up with Nik Turner?

“We met Nik thru my friend Brady [Weinstein] who I met when I first moved to California and he and I used to jam a lot. He’s gone out of of his way to befriend all of his musical heroes and it worked out. Him and Nik are tight. Nik was in town for Lemmy’s funeral, and Brady brought him to the studio to jam on our record. We also opened for Nik twice in So Cal, and he has spent time at our pads here in LA. He’s amazing.”

Sounds like a match made in heaven to us, or hell, depending on what side you’re vibing. So make sure to snag their album, listen to their new single “Phase II,” and catch them on tour starting next week. –Maya Eslami

Flying Hair Tour 

1/26 Oakland @ The Hole w Feral Ohms, Sunwatchers and Naked Lights

1/27 Arcata @ The Alibi w Opossum Sun

1/28 Portland @ The Know w Floom and Don Gero

1/29 Seattle @ Lo-Fi w Forest Ray and Phono Paradiso

1/30 Medford @ Johnny B’s

1/31 Reno @ The Holland Project w Ichthyosaur and Tresed

2/1 Las Vegas @ The Griffin

2/2 Joshua Tree @ Landers Brew w Hush Arbors

2/3 San Diego @ The Tower Bar with Loom and more TBA

2/4 Los Angeles @ The Echo w Child and Rearranged Face

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