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NUMB.ER IS ON TOUR And they made us a “From the Van” playlist

what youth recommends from the van playlist, the relatively new project of Jeff Fribourg, is total synth bliss. Formed at the end of 2015, the visual artist/photographer/musician and constant collaborator took his sonic sound experience as founding member of Froth and spun it up into spidery gold with the help of Laena Geronimo (bass), Nick Ventura (guitar), Kaz Mirblouk (synth/guitar), and Cameron Allen (drums), and played every local show they could snag. But for the most part, remained just that, a local live band, maintaining loyalty and the unwavering responsibility of their main gigs (Geronimo to Feels, Ventura and Allen to Froth). Then at the end of last year, they finally released their first single “Fear” on Mono Records, which immediately got picked up by Volcom and was featured in their skate video, “Holy Stokes.”

Now, with some much deserved momentum in their step, is hitting the road on their very first mini tour. And what better way to ease into that lonely highway than with a specially curated playlist, our very first “From the Van” mix. So press play, and while you’re listening, read our conversation with Jeff below and find out why GT’s Kombucha is his permanent road life saver. –Maya Eslami 

WHAT YOUTH: Hi Jeff. Are you excited about the upcoming tour? Have you packed yet? 

JEFF FRIBOURG: Hey Maya! Im super excited about this tour, its the first tour I’ve booked with just the help of friends. Haha I don’t know if this is good but the past few tours, I’ve waited ’til the morning of to pack. I found that if I pack too far in advance I end up bringing a bunch of clothes and crap that I don’t need and then I’m stuck with it. The last minute scramble pack seems to help me weed out the junk.

Is this’s first tour? 

Yeah this will be the first ever tour. We’ve always wanted to do one but finally pulled the trigger and booked it.

Are you guys doing the van life? What’s your favorite and least favorite part about traveling that way? 

Yeah Laena’s band Feels has a really cool 90s Chevy custom van with party lights that were going to be cruising around in. One of my favorite parts about traveling in a van is sitting with your friends and getting to hear what music everyone is stoked on at the moment, you get to know everyone’s tastes a little more in depth which I find really interesting and helpful when it comes to writing new material. My least favorite part is how time can come to a complete stand still putting you in a real “are we there yet” kinda mood. All in all I love being in the van.

You’re definitely no rookie when it comes to touring. What are a few things you’ve picked up from previous tours that keep you sane? 

I have a few things that i almost always bring on tour to help restore my sanity.

1 – I always have a bottle of GT’s Gingeraid or Gingerberry Kombucha in hand to keep me happy and heathy.

2 – A jar full of unsalted nuts to keep my mouth busy and not have a sodium induced heart attack.

3 – A pair of headphones so you can take a break from everything and sorta get some you time.

4 – A camera to document the madness or to have an excuse to wander off and get lost for a minute.

Who’s all going on the tour? 

Laena Geronimo (bass)  / Nick Ventura (guitar) / Kaz Mirblouk (synth/guitar) / Cameron Allen (drums). It’s a real solid group of friends and I couldn’t be happier to spend time with them.

Is there any “must-have” thing you need on the road? What do you guys plan on always having in the van? 

I’m gonna have to bring it back to the GT’s Kombucha (if anyone from GT’s is reading this please send us a case of black label gingeraid <3)

How long is the tour? And where are you going? 

The tours only about 7 days but were cramming in a lot of places. LA / PORTLAND / SEATTLE / VANCOUVER / SAN FRANCISCO / TIJUANA

Do you get to tour through somewhere you’ve never been before? 

For it’s all going to be new territory which is great but I’m personally excited for Vancouver because every time it’s been a potential stop on tour, it falls through so I’m finally getting to add it to the list. I’ve also never played in Tijuana and I love Mexico so that is going to be really exciting as well.

Be sure to catch these cats at one of their stops along the way, and say hi for us. 


1/19 – Los Angeles, The Echo

1/20 – San Francisco, Pressure Drop TV

1/21 – Portland, Black Water Bar

1/22 – Seattle, TBA

1/23 – San Francisco, Bottom of The Hill

1/26 – Tijuana, Moustache Bar

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